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Dress for success in a child custody case

On Behalf of | Jun 20, 2021 | Family Law

Choosing an outfit wisely may increase the chances for success in certain circumstances, such as a job interview or business presentation. It is also important to dress appropriately during legal proceedings in an Alaska court, such as child custody litigation. A parent who has requested custody of his or her child in a divorce, for instance, will want to make a good impression on the judge overseeing the case.  

It’s about more than just clothing 

Not only is it advisable to avoid certain types of clothing when headed to court for child custody litigation, but it is equally important to be mindful of cosmetics, accessories and attitude, as well. If a parent dresses or acts as though he or she does not understand the solemnness and importance of the circumstances, his or her nonchalance could negatively influence the judge’s decisions. On the other hand, carefully choosing attire and acting respectfully in court may help a concerned parent win the judge’s favor.  

What to wear versus what not to wear 

Clothing that is not appropriate for a courtroom would include pajama pants, ripped jeans, mini-skirts or shirts that are overly tight or have plunging necklines. Clothing should basically be business casual style, including neutral colors, low-heeled or flat-heeled shoes and shirts with collars and buttons. As for hairstyles, makeup and jewelry, extreme or controversial styles should be avoided.  

Check the court’s website ahead of time 

A parent who is preparing for child custody proceedings in Alaska may want to visit the court’s website first. Many courts publish a dress code on their sites so that people know exactly what is expected of them when they appear before a judge. Any parent with questions or concerns about a specific case may request a meeting with an experienced family law attorney.