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Pet nup is a new term in family law

When one thinks of family, parents, children and grandparents often come to mind. Increasingly, that picture includes family pets as integral members of the familial unit in Alaska. As such, if a divorce is contemplated, not only may child custody become an issue, but pet custody as well. To help accommodate the issue, a new term is becoming familiar in family law.

Get the support you need to get back to work after an accident

A work injury can change your life in many ways. In addition to the pain you may be experiencing, you may also find yourself dealing with financial hardship because of time you missed from work and your medical bills. It's not easy to get better and move forward after a work-related accident for many reasons. 

Gun crime suspect has right to criminal defense

Anchorage is no stranger to the increased gun violence that seems to be pervading Alaska and much of the rest of the country. A shooting at an area hotel resulted in the death of one person. Police are searching for two people in connection with the incident. A criminal defense attorney can offer assistance to anyone confronting such a situation.

What challenges will you face in divorce as a woman?

Even before you file the paperwork, you know as a woman that your divorce will come with challenges that will affect many areas of your life. The financial adjustments you will have to make can be significant and far-reaching, and it's in your best interests to ensure that you choices allow you to have a strong future. One way you can do this is by preparing well for what is ahead.

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