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Criminal defense: Nurse practitioner accused of manslaughter

An Alaska grand jury recently indicted a nurse practitioner following the opioid overdose-related death of a 22-year-old woman. The woman faces felony drug distribution charges, and both she and a co-defendant face manslaughter charges. These are some of the most severe crimes, and these defendants will likely rely upon an experienced criminal defense attorney as the cases head to court.

Most common causes for workers' compensation benefits claims

Some workplace injury hazards are common to all industries nationwide, including Alaska. From construction workers to office workers, any employee can slip and fall on slippery walking surfaces, and dropped tools are as dangerous as a tall stack of merchandise that topples over and lands on a worker. Also widespread are musculoskeletal injuries caused by wrong lifting techniques and vehicle accidents.

Criminal defense can help ease the tension of an arrest

Being charged with burglary in Alaska can be cause for alarm on many levels. What are the long and short term implications for one's future? What does it do to one's employment options if one faces jail time? What are one's rights while facing the charges and how can criminal defense help? All of this and more may be going through the mind of a man in Anchorage area who is accused of having robbed an area storage facility.

Alaska police are knocking. Must you let them in?

When you're at home during the evening or middle of the night and hear an unexpected knock at your door, it can be quite startling, especially if the knock is more of a rapping or pounding than a quiet tapping sound. The sudden noise can cause your heart to beat to faster before you even know who is on the other side of the door. If you look through a peephole or curtain and see uniformed Alaska police officers, you might feel even more nervous.

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