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Person accused of a crime has a right to a criminal defense

The U.S. Mail promises delivery regardless of the weather conditions, and this applies even in Alaska where winter weather can be very unforgiving. Interfering with the U.S. Mail delivery in any instance is considered a crime, including removing and opening mail from another person's mailbox without their consent. A person accused of such a crime would be entitled to a criminal defense.

A recent incident was discovered by an off-duty officer in the early hours of the morning. The officer pulled over a vehicle at about 2:30 a.m. and reportedly found the occupants of the vehicle with several pieces of opened mail that did not belong to them. According to the investigation, the items contained significant financial information.

Does your child need bailing out after a DUI?

You may be the type of person who would help a friend or family member no matter the time of day or night. You may have told your children to call you at any hour with no questions asked if they ever needed your help. Still, you may have felt a tightening in your chest of mixed emotions when you received a late-night phone call telling you that police had arrested your child for DUI.

As a parent, many ideas likely ran through your mind during this call. You probably worried about your child's safety, felt a little angry that he or she ended up in this type of situation, and felt some panic about how you could actually help. Nonetheless, you stayed calm and would go to your child's rescue.

Divorce doesn't have to ruin retirement

Saving for retirement is important, but stashing money away in a 401(k) account is not the only way to create financial security for the future. In Alaska, it is fairly common to also rely on Social Security benefits, which help bridge the gap between what a person has managed to save, and his or her actual living expenses. But divorce can change those plans. Here's how to protect retirement money even after ending a marriage.

The Social Security Administration reports that 21% of couples who are married depend primarily on Social Security benefits during retirement. Those benefits make up 90% or more of unmarried individuals' retirement income. But a person who was married and did not work or earned significantly less might not think getting those benefits is even possible. However, many can file for benefits based on their ex-spouse's work record.

Don't let divorce ruin your health

Are you one of many Alaska residents who will be navigating divorce in 2020? Whether your marriage lasted less or more than 10 years, the decision to file a petition in court to end your relationship may be one of the most life-changing decisions you'll ever make. The consequences of your decision can spark high levels of stress in your life, especially if you have children. That's not to say that divorce is automatically going to ruin your and your children's lives.

Just as certain legal issues, such as child custody, property division or alimony might be a central focus of proceedings, it's equally important to focus on your and your children's emotional and physical good health. There are ways to keep divorce-related stress to a minimum. One of the best ways is to stay closely connected to a strong support network, which might include a few trusted friends, extended family members and others in your community.

Workers' compensation and safety training are both necessary

Working in the oil fields on the North Slope of Alaska comes with inherent risks as do many field jobs in the energy industry. Proper safety procedures and precautions can help reduce the risks and help ensure that workers get home safely. Energy companies across the state are introducing new training methods to try to improve the safety of workers. In the event of an accident, workers' compensation insurance requires that the accident be reported.

Even minor injuries are considered events that need to be reported to one's employer. This can include a broken finger or toe, chipped tooth or a cut that requires stitches. This is according to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. While an injury may appear to be minor, there is a chance for infection or other complications if the issue is not promptly and properly addressed.

Workers' compensation can aid veterinary workers

A love of animals leads some to consider a career working with animals, perhaps as a veterinarian or a veterinarian's technician. Animals can be cute and cuddly but they can also be dangerous. An animal that is injured or ill may act aggressively in an unfamiliar setting. Anyone who is injured on the job may benefit from being familiar with worker's compensation laws in Alaska.

A technician who works in a veterinarian's office was recently injured by a small animal a customer brought in to be examined. The animal bit the technician while he was handling the animal. When the technician asked about the procedure for reporting and dealing with an injury, he was told to go see a doctor and have the bill sent to the vet's office.

Will you be helping your kids cope with divorce in 2020?

A new year has begun and you might be among thousands of other people in Alaska who have certain goals in mind for 2020. If one of them happens to be filing for divorce, you might also have numerous concerns regarding your children's ability to cope. Divorce is never easy. It's a fact that it automatically prompts major changes in children's lives. However, it doesn't necessarily have to ruin them.

Being proactive is your best bet to helping your kids come to terms with your current circumstances. You may notice that their emotions, moods and demeanors fluctuate. A key to helping them adapt to a new lifestyle is letting them know that they are free to express their feelings with you at any time. It also helps if you and your ex can work as a team to create a co-parenting plan that keeps your children's best interests in mind.

Pet nup is a new term in family law

When one thinks of family, parents, children and grandparents often come to mind. Increasingly, that picture includes family pets as integral members of the familial unit in Alaska. As such, if a divorce is contemplated, not only may child custody become an issue, but pet custody as well. To help accommodate the issue, a new term is becoming familiar in family law.

People are mostly familiar with the idea of a pre-nuptial agreement that helps determine the distribution of property and assets in the event of a divorce. There is a new term that is gaining ground, known as a "pet-nup." It determines who retains custody of a family pet in the event of a divorce.

Get the support you need to get back to work after an accident

A work injury can change your life in many ways. In addition to the pain you may be experiencing, you may also find yourself dealing with financial hardship because of time you missed from work and your medical bills. It's not easy to get better and move forward after a work-related accident for many reasons. 

One of the most difficult aspects of a work accident is getting back to work after a serious injury and lengthy recovery. You may need various types of support to return to your job, adjust to new limitations or find a new job. Thankfully, this type of support is available to you through a workers' compensation claim. Rehabilitation benefits are available to some people who need additional support during their recovery.

Gun crime suspect has right to criminal defense

Anchorage is no stranger to the increased gun violence that seems to be pervading Alaska and much of the rest of the country. A shooting at an area hotel resulted in the death of one person. Police are searching for two people in connection with the incident. A criminal defense attorney can offer assistance to anyone confronting such a situation.

Officers responded to a call at a hotel in the city on a recent afternoon. They were summoned to respond to a possible shooting at the Black Angus Inn in downtown Anchorage. Upon arrival, they encountered a man who appeared to have been shot. The man was transported to an area hospital where he later died as a result of his injuries.

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