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Nurses, working in a hospital is dangerous

As a nurse, do you know you work in one of the most dangerous places? According to 2011 data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, hospital workers experience more injuries than construction workers and manufacturing employees. While your job is to treat patients with injuries and illnesses, you are at high risk of getting hurt and sick. 

In order to work safely in a hospital, you must be aware of workplace hazards and common injuries. Once you know how you are most likely to get hurt, you can avoid hazardous situations and be more mindful.

Child custody and relocation in Alaska

Having a healthy, loving relationship with a parent can help a child's development. Maintaining such relationships can be difficult after divorce, especially in the case of relocation.

Obtaining a favorable child custody determination in regard to relocation may not be an easy process. It is important to understand a few important aspects of child custody and relocation in the state of Alaska.

Homicide laws in Alaska

The circumstances surrounding the death of a person may seem to be the fault of another. However, there is rarely a situation where the case is completely straightforward. Alaska state laws recognize this fact in the statutes regarding offenses against the person by providing a range of definitions, from murder in the first degree to criminally negligent homicide. 

When presenting their defense, many people successfully argue that the charges should be reduced to a lesser offense.

3 common types of white-collar crimes

Facing white collar criminal charges in Alaska is a serious matter. In some cases, in addition to state charges, white-collar defendants may also face federal charges, which tend to have harsher penalties.

Because white-collar allegations can have severe consequences, it is important to implement an effective defense strategy as soon as possible. If you learn you may be under investigation, do not wait until an arrest. Speaking with your attorney as soon as you suspect potential problems can help you protect your legal rights. 

3 occupational hazards for hotel housekeepers

Here in Anchorage, Alaska, tourism is one of the top industries. As someone who cleans and organizes hotel rooms, you play a vital role in our economy. Your job is a factor in ensuring visitors have a pleasant time while staying here. 

But while your work is commendable, it can be easy to overlook the dangers that come with it. Did you know hotel cleaners have a 50 percent higher injury rate in comparison to other hotel workers? This statistic may be surprising, but it makes sense when you consider the hazards you encounter every day. These are a few ways you can experience harm as a hospitality housekeeper.

Major aspects of spousal support in an Alaskan divorce

While parties usually enter a marriage with the best hopes and intentions, in some cases, the couples are better off separate. Depending on their situations, it may be possible for parties to seek spousal support.

Whether you are looking to receive or may have to pay the support payments, it is important to understand how it works. There are a few major aspects to understand in regard to spousal support in Alaska.

Mistakes to avoid during an arrest

You may never imagine a situation in which the police arrest you, but many people find themselves in the back of a patrol car because an officer suspected they were driving while intoxicated.

It can be helpful to know what to do and what not to do if police do arrest you. Being prepared can help you avoid making critical mistakes that could hurt your defense.

Does Alaska really have the most dangerous job in the country?

When it comes to on-the-job injuries, a wide range of hazardous occupations exists that rank at the top of the list. Certain industries, such as construction and oil drilling, have particular risks that result in more workplace injuries than the average profession.

However, rumor has it that Alaska is home to the most dangerous job in the country. Learn to separate fact from fiction, and learn more about workplace injuries in Alaska and workers' compensation for those injuries.

Divorced parents, two homes and helping children adapt

When the family unit breaks up and the parents go their separate ways, a top priority is helping the children adjust to a new chapter in their lives.

Living in two homes is often a strange, new experience for children, but you can help them adapt and ensure that they maintain positive familial relationships.

Alaska DUI stops and field sobriety tests

When police officers in Alaska make a DUI stop, they may ask the driver to perform a field sobriety test. If the driver fails, they may then use these results as probable cause for a DUI arrest.

The first thing you need to know is that the law does not require you to take the test. This is different from the breath test after a DUI arrest, which the law does mandate and you may face significant penalties for refusal even if you do not get a DUI conviction.

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