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Alaska man accused of selling illegal drugs

On Behalf of | Oct 25, 2021 | Criminal Defense

Police in Alaska say they purchased edibles online from a man that was selling them for $50 per bag. The supposed sales were reportedly part of an investigation by The Alcohol and Marijuana Control Office. The man in question was arrested in connection with the investigation and is now facing multiple drug crime charges.  

Cartoon characters on marijuana edibles packaging prohibited 

Investigators say they purchased marijuana edibles online numerous times from the same man. Police say the edibles were contained in packaging that was designed to look like popular brands of candy, including some packaging that had cartoon images on it. Alaska marijuana laws restrict package designs, banning cartoon images because they makes the product attractive to people who are under age 21.  

Charges include a felony and a misdemeanor 

Police have also stated that the marijuana edibles that the defendant allegedly sold to them contained three times the amount of THC that is legally permitted in marijuana edibles for sale in this state. They also claim that the man in question never applied for a permit to legally sell marijuana. However, they also mentioned that the defendant does not have a criminal record in Alaska. One of the charges filed is a Class C felony; another is a Class A misdemeanor.  

A defendant can refute criminal charges in court 

When Alaska police arrest someone on suspicion of a drug crime, he or she is entitled to criminal defense support. A person facing drug charges is also guaranteed an opportunity to refute the charges in court and can request a case dismissal if there are grounds to do so. An experienced criminal law attorney can make recommendations as to what type of defense strategy best fits a particular case.