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Alaska drug bust in Juneau prompts 6 arrests

On Behalf of | Jun 7, 2021 | Criminal Defense

Federal investigators say they have evidence that a group of people were committing drug crimes in Alaska between summer of 2017 and May of this year. The authorities claim that those involved used cellphones to connect with people who wanted to buy illegal drugs. Investigators say that six people who have been arrested in connection with the case were getting drugs from another state and distributing them in this state.

Ages of defendants range from 33 to 50

The authorities say that the investigation took four years and that six arrests were made, including both men and women ranging in ages from 33 to 50. Investigators also say that those who were arrested were in possession of many firearms, including a shotgun that was modified with a silencer. To make matters worse, they also claim to have discovered a selector switch that is typically used to turn a handgun into a machine gun.

The 6 defendants are facing potentially steep penalties if convicted

When multiple arrests are made in connection with the same drug crimes, each defendant’s case is processed separately. It is possible that one person might be convicted while another is found not guilty. In each case, defendants are guaranteed the opportunity to refute the charges against them in court. In this case, the charges that have been filed carry fines of up to $10 million and a life sentence in prison under conviction.

Criminal defense support is available in Alaska

Being named as a subject in an Alaska drug investigation is understandably a stressful situation. A person is fully entitled to legal representation and has no obligation to speak with investigators. It is always best to request legal support as soon as possible when one has been arrested on suspicion of a drug crime.