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Documents that are often helpful in a divorce

On Behalf of | May 6, 2021 | Family Law

Before the end of 2021, many Alaskan couples will file family court petitions. Some will divorce because of incompatibility of temperament while others might cite a specific issue, such as infidelity, as the reason for the decision to end their marriage. In either case, filing for a divorce is a legal process that typically includes a lot of paperwork, and it is helpful to keep certain types of documents on hand.

Being organized and well-prepared helps minimize stress

No two divorce cases are exactly the same. An issue that is central in one proceeding might not be applicable at all to another. The following documents should be readily available to any spouse who wants to be well-prepared:

  • Proof of employment and paycheck stubs
  • Tax returns for the past several years
  • Current mortgage statements
  • Proof of real estate or property owned
  • Vehicle registration and insurance information
  • Bank statements from jointly owned or individual accounts

It is also a good idea to gather documents regarding investments, retirement plans and life insurance policies. Any or all of these issues may have an impact on a divorce settlement.

Certain documents can help substantiate a claim during litigation

For various reasons, having certain documents on hand in court may influence the court’s decision in a particular matter. For instance, if a spouse is requesting alimony, it is helpful to be able to show proof of income, as well as documents pertaining to expenses and debts. An experienced family law attorney can advise as to which types of documents might be needed in a specific case.