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Man arrested on numerous charges has two outstanding warrants

On Behalf of | Feb 24, 2021 | Criminal Defense

People convicted of crimes often struggle to get their lives back on track. Sometimes, this even increases their chances of being arrested again, further perpetuating the destructive cycle. Criminal defense gives everyone a chance to prove their innocence or explain their side of the story. No matter how many times someone may face a criminal court, that is their right, as one man in Alaska will undoubtedly have to do after his arrest for multiple offenses.

Outstanding warrants and multiple charges

Officers claim that they received a call about a driver who appeared to have passed out behind the wheel of a passenger truck. When police went to the scene, they allege that the suspect was drooping over the steering wheel with the vehicle running. They say they blocked in the truck with their patrol cars and woke the driver. They claim the driver presented them with identification that was not his and that, when one officer went to his car to verify the ID, the suspect allegedly attempted to escape, first by ramming his truck into each vehicle and then by trying to run.

Police say they apprehended him quickly and that he resisted arrest. They say they discovered that the suspect had two active warrants for his arrest and found a baggie with methamphetamine on his person. He was charged with multiple offenses, including operating under the influence, three counts of third-degree criminal mischief and providing false information.

Criminal charges can mean serious punishment

The plentiful charges against this suspect in addition to the two outstanding warrants mean he may be looking at severe criminal punishment if convicted of any of the offenses. Even for those here in Alaska who may only face one of this type of charge, the importance of a strategy for criminal defense cannot be understated. Those accused of any kind of crime may want to work with an experienced criminal defense attorney with the aim of having the charges reduced or dismissed altogether, depending on the circumstances.