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Robbery and theft charges require careful criminal defense

On Behalf of | Jan 28, 2021 | Criminal Defense

People accused of crimes often carry that stigma with them their entire lives. Besides the criminal punishment they may have to fulfill if convicted, society tends to harshly judge those with a criminal record. One man here in Alaska could be dealing with that very fact if he is found guilty of several crimes attributed to him, including multiple instances of robbery and theft. Not all hope is lost for him, however, as he is entitled to defend himself against these charges, as anyone would be, and has options for criminal defense.

Authorities claim that the suspect’s first offense happened in November when a man allegedly went into a Target and shoplifted items from the electronics department. Since then, he has been accused of multiple incidences of burglary, theft and criminal trespass during the months of November and December at various nearby stores. In one instance, police claim that the suspect threatened loss prevention officers with what they believed was a weapon, but that turned out to be pepper spray.

Local police took out a felony arrest warrant on the suspect for robbery and theft. The man’s arrest finally happened when loss prevention officers apprehended him at a mall and turned him over to police. At the time, the suspect was under conditional release for an undisclosed reason, though he is now also facing a charge of violating conditions of release.

Though no one was hurt in these alleged incidents, the seriousness of the charges this man is facing cannot be understated. If he is convicted, he could be sent to prison and likely have to pay a large fine. Even after a sentence is fulfilled, he may have difficulty proceeding with life as normal, as it may be difficult for him to secure employment. Those in Alaska in a similar situation may need the assistance of an experienced criminal defense attorney to give them the best chance at reducing the impact these types of charges may have upon their lives.