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Kelly Clarkson says her divorce caught her off-guard

On Behalf of | Nov 11, 2020 | Family Law

When a celebrity gets a divorce, people may assume that a high amount of assets and fame makes the entire process easier. The truth is that ending a marriage can be just as difficult emotionally for someone famous as it may be for anyone. Singer and talk show host Kelly Clarkson discussed her recent divorce, and the difficulties she faced, on the season premiere of her show. Her experience is something to which many people, including those here in Alaska, can likely relate.

Clarkson said her primary concern throughout the process was her four children, the two she biologically shares with her ex, Brandon Blackstock, and the two he had from a previous marriage. She said that she worked with therapists with the aim of protecting the mental well-being of her kids, though she also acknowledges that sadness in this situation is normal and expected.

Something she wasn’t expecting was the divorce itself, saying she didn’t anticipate any of the changes in her life that she’s experienced this year. Even so, she expressed a desire to handle her divorce in a healthy way, filing back in the summer. Clarkson says that she hopes that she can find a balance between helping her fans with her story and being mindful of how the divorce will impact her children.

Her experience shows just how universal divorce can be and that no one should ever feel ashamed for going through it. Those here in Alaska who may not have Clarkson’s resources can still find help for the process through a family law attorney. An attorney can consider the multiple factors that go into divorce proceedings ensuring that all involved parties are treated with fairness.