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The steps in obtaining child support

On Behalf of | Oct 20, 2020 | Family Law

There are many different types of families today, including those where two parents are not in a relationship with one another. It may be necessary for those parents to have a formal agreement that outlines how they will handle the care of their shared children, often with one parent making child support payments to the other. However, many parents here in Alaska don’t actually know the steps involved in making that happen. Though all situations are different, here are the common steps parents take to receive child support.

Many people won’t have to do the first step, though it can be a crucial one for some, and that is locating the other parent. If the custodial parent doesn’t have proper contact information, it is often challenging to proceed in court. Even with this information, some parents will have to take the extra step of establishing paternity. This may be as involved as compelling the presumed father to have a DNA test or could be as simple as obtaining a legal acknowledgement of paternity.

The most obvious part of the process is actually determining the plan for child support. Some parents are able to determine this on their own, but others need legal assistance. Even in circumstances where the parents are amicable, it is best to have any agreement formally documented. After a court order is in place, either parent may petition to have it modified if his or her financial circumstances change.

No matter what the situation is for each parent, the most important thing is that children have their needs met, physically, emotionally and financially. Parents interested in creating a child support agreement can talk to a family law attorney here in Alaska. It may be the best way to ensure that children receive needed care.