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Man arrested for sex offenses investigated for other incidents

On Behalf of | Apr 22, 2020 | Criminal Defense

When arrested for sex offenses in Anchorage and across Alaska, the potential ramifications go beyond jail time and fines. It can negatively impact a person’s family life, professional life and cause untold problems that are difficult if not outright impossible to repair. It will be required to register as a sex offender wherever that person goes. While sex offenses – especially allegations that they have been committed against children – are terrible, the simple matter of being accused does not automatically imply guilt. There could be strategies to lodge a defense against these charges and reach a successful outcome.

A 53-year-old man was accused of sexual abuse against a teenage relative. These happened in late-January and law enforcement was alerted during the first week of February. As the investigation moved forward, other claims of sexual abuse against another relative came to light. The man was recently arrested for multiple sex-based charges against minors. These include sexual assault in the first, second and third-degree; sexual abuse of a minor, first and second-degree, and more. Law enforcement also believes that there could be other victims from more than two decades ago. They are seeking information to determine if charges against the man should be added.

The mere accusation of a sex crime will inevitably cause problems in a person’s life. Prosecutors are zealous in their efforts to secure convictions against sex offenders. This is especially true when the victims are under the age of 18. Criminal acts can include possession of child pornography, sexual assault and sexual abuse. Despite the negative connotations related to these crimes, anyone who is accused has the right to a strong legal defense.

These cases begin with assertions that violations have occurred and are followed by a law enforcement investigation. It is possible that a person’s actions were misinterpreted or the claims are untrue. The investigation could have been conducted improperly, rendering the evidence inadmissible. The victim might have been coached into saying things happened when they did not occur that way. There could be viable strategies to get an acquittal. Professional treatment or a plea bargain may be effective methods to avoid the harshest penalties. Regardless of the situation, people who are arrested and accused of sex offenses as this man was may want to think about having a qualified criminal defense team as soon as possible.