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Criminal defense can be a help in the face of drug charges

On Behalf of | Nov 25, 2019 | Criminal Defense

Alaska may be far removed from the lower 48 in the geographic sense, but it is not far removed from sharing many of the same problems. One of these problems involves the illegal drug trade. A recent case implicated a 71-year-old man in the illegal trafficking of heroin and methamphetamine. The accused has the right to a criminal defense.

An investigation reportedly began in Feb. 2019. Search warrants were served at the man’s home in March. A large amount of illegal drugs and cash were reportedly found but the man was not arrested at that time and the reason given was attributed to the ongoing investigation. The man was arrested recently as he was preparing to board a flight to Kodiak.

The accused reportedly consented to a check of his luggage which was a box purportedly containing frozen meat. As the meat started to thaw, it began to smell as if it were rotten and a drug sniffing dog reportedly indicated the possible presence of narcotics. At that point, the accused withdrew consent and a search warrant was obtained. The search allegedly uncovered a large amount of heroin and methamphetamine concealed within the packaged meat.

A person facing charges for illegal drug trafficking in Alaska is presumed innocent until and unless proven guilty in criminal court. The burden of proof falls to the prosecution that must prove the charges by credible evidence that is beyond a reasonable doubt. There are strict rules that must be followed regarding the gathering and processing of such evidence. A criminal defense attorney can assist a client in helping to ensure that these rules and procedures are properly followed and can also help to ensure that the client is aware of one’s legal rights and options given the circumstances presented.