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Is an alimony payment order unchangeable?

On Behalf of | Aug 9, 2019 | Family Law

Alaskan residents who get a divorce may have to deal with alimony payments. If you are paying spousal support, you may be wondering just how set in stone these payments are. We at Kalamarides & Lambert are here to discuss that.

Many people who pay spousal support or alimony worry about what they will do if they ever get into financial trouble. For example, what if you lose your job? What if your paycheck takes a serious hit? What if you end up with a medical condition that costs you a lot of money? Your support payments are determined based on your financial standing at the time of the divorce. However, there is no guarantee that this financial state will be the same months or years after your divorce terms were finalized.

The court recognizes this. It allows for people to change the amount of their support payments based on the current and ongoing financial situations of all people involved. For example, if your ex-spouse remarries and gains a new source of household income, your payments may be reduced. The same is true if you end up suffering from job loss or begin to provide for a new family.

If you are currently making child support payments and have experienced a shift in the economic dynamic between you and your ex-spouse, or have stumbled into serious financial changes in your own life, you do not have to keep making the same payments you did under different circumstances. Consider talking to an attorney to learn more about your options for adjusting your payment.