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Kelly Clarkson has tips for coping with divorce

On Behalf of | Jul 1, 2021 | Family Law

Many people in Alaska and throughout the country are currently navigating stressful life changes. One such change that often presents emotional, financial and even physical challenges is divorce. Those who are having difficulty coping may want to consider a few tips that singer Kelly Clarkson recently said have helped her adapt to a new lifestyle when her marriage of nearly seven years ended.  

Clarkson said that people coping with divorce need a creative outlet 

Clarkson acknowledges that she was emotionally distraught over her divorce and that her music proved to be a valuable coping mechanism. In fact, Clarkson says that she does not understand how anyone without a creative outlet is able to move on in life in a healthy manner after a divorce. In addition to her music, Clarkson recently purchased a multi-million-dollar home that includes a tennis court and in-ground swimming pool where she and her two children can stay active and make new memories together.  

Color can have an effect on emotional and mental health 

Clarkson said that her new home is filled with bright and vibrant colors and that most of the walls are white. She believes that making these changes has had a positive effect on her emotional health since her divorce. Even if a person who has recently divorced is staying in the house that he or she lived in during marriage, it might be helpful to paint the walls and make a few other updates or changes as part of making a new start in life.  

Reach out for support when the going gets tough 

No two people will cope with a divorce is exactly the same way. Some might feel a great sense of relief while others mourn the loss of a relationship. In any case, it is helpful to have a strong support network in place and to reach out for assistance as needed. For instance, a parent might need someone to watch the kids while he or she goes to work or a specific legal issue might arise that would be best addressed alongside experienced legal representation.