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Child support nonpayment may result in license suspension

On Behalf of | Jan 15, 2021 | Family Law

When one parent in Alaska is unable to make child support payments to the other, it is sometimes for an understandable reason. Perhaps that parent has recently lost employment or experienced a health crisis. There are also instances where a parent chooses not to pay due to animosity toward the receiving parent. No matter the reason, a court may decide to make a decision that can have a ripple effect on a person’s life. Recently, an out-of-state man was arrested for driving on a suspended license that police say was due to his nonpayment of child support.

The man was allegedly speeding one evening on a state highway. Authorities say he was only going 10 mph over the 40-mph speed limit when he was pulled over by a county police officer. When the officer ran a check on the man’s driver’s license, it came back as suspended. Apparently, his license was suspended because he failed to make proper child support payments.

It is not known how much the man owed nor precisely to whom his payments should go. In many cases like this a person will have his or her license suspended after failing to pay child support for an extended period of time, though courts may decide to have a lower tolerance depending on the exact situation. According to records, this is not the first time the man has had his license suspended, though it is unclear whether his previous suspensions were connected with child support payments in any way.

Besides the impact to a person’s own life, it is important to make court-ordered child support payments to ensure one’s children receive proper care. If a parent is having difficulty making or receiving child support payments, a family law attorney may be of assistance. An experienced attorney can help a parent come up with a plan for proper payments, putting the focus on the needs of any involved children.