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5 Reasons To Choose Our Law Firm

Based in Anchorage, Kalamarides & Lambert is ready to provide you with high-quality legal services with the goal of meeting your needs efficiently. Whether you are dealing with a divorce, child custody matter, or facing a criminal allegation, our lawyers will work hard to build an effective case to help you feel confident and secure about your future.

To learn more about how you can benefit from our services, our team has put together the top five reasons that set our firm apart. Find out why we are a good match for you:

  1. Free initial consultations for all criminal and family cases.
    No matter what criminal matter you are dealing with, your first consultation with us will always be free. Legal fees can be costly, especially if you find yourself having to go to court and sit through trial. We seek to help you reduce these costs.
  2. Personalized attention at a small firm.
    We take pride in being a small firm that has the capacity to build strong, trusting relationships with our clients. You can expect personalized attention from our attorneys, being able to speak with us directly instead of being deferred to an assistant. We strive to maintain regular and open communication with our clients, and we return all phone calls and messages promptly. Not only will you remain informed on the status of your case, but you will also feel involved in the process of finding your best possible solution.
  3. Well-recognized lawyers.
    Our attorneys each brings a proven track record to the table, carrying a range of honorable mentions and achievements. Attorney Andrew J. Lambert has made several media appearances, has been interviewed on the “Ask The Experts” radio show, and has been featured on the television shows, “Forensic Files” and “Dateline.” He also has 37 years of trial experience in a variety of family law cases and criminal cases, including those involving DUI, drug offenses, theft offenses, sex offenses, assault and homicide.
  4. A team of versatile skills.
    With varying experiences and achievements, our attorneys make up a uniquely equipped legal team. For example, we are able to combine our criminal defense and family law knowledge to take on a divorce that stems from child abuse or domestic violence allegation. Our lawyers are able to draw from each other’s experiences to take on a wide range of legal challenges.
  5. Decades of experience.
    Our team combines decades of legal experience to provide you with seasoned case building and litigation skills. Our understanding of the law is firm and reliable, and we continue to be attuned to the latest legal changes so that you can be assured that the advice we provide is up to date.

No matter how complex the legal matter in front of you may seem, our team is prepared to combine its diverse skill set and experiences to build you an effective case.

Discuss Your Needs With One Of Our Lawyers

Discuss your issue in a confidential setting with one of our lawyers by scheduling a consultation today. To secure an appointment, call 907-205-4997 or complete our intake form online.

The first consultation is free for all criminal law, and family law matters.