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Do I need an attorney to handle my criminal case?

On Behalf of | May 7, 2019 | Uncategorized

If police arrested you and charged you with a crime that carries serious penalties for conviction, you may already know you have a lot to be concerned about. A conviction for drug offenses, violent crimes, white collar crimes and others can result in prolonged time in jail or prison, thousands of dollars in fines and other penalties that could change the course of your life. Even a repeat-offense DUI carries stiff consequences.

With these things in the balance, you may wish to reconsider if you are planning on leaving your defense to chance. Securing the services of a skilled and experienced attorney can make the difference between spending years behind bars and facing a future that has some hope and potential.

The benefits of having a skilled attorney

No matter how many crime shows you have seen on TV, how many books you have read or how much education you have, if you do not have training and experience in criminal law, you are taking a risk by not reaching out to an attorney for assistance with your criminal trial. Not only can an experienced attorney evaluate your case and find the weaknesses in the prosecution’s evidence, he or she can help you with any of the following:

  • Finding the elements of your case that could mitigate the accusations against you
  • Knowing the pertinent questions to ask potential witnesses
  • Using in-depth knowledge of the laws and of your rights to expose any violations by police or others during and after your arrest, such as an illegal search
  • Having the resources and connections to bring in special investigators and expert testimony for your defense
  • Helping you understand the reality of your situation in light of the prosecution’s case
  • Recognizing when the flow of the trial is taking a turn that is not in your favor
  • Knowing when it is in your best interests to negotiate a plea and working with prosecutors to secure the best possible deal

Your attorney may also be familiar with the idiosyncrasies of certain judges or the unique rules of the local Alaska court. Such knowledge may affect the way your attorney presents your case and may come only with experience that you may not have. After understanding how the odds are stacked against you when you are the defendant in a criminal trial, you may realize that the wisest way to proceed is with the representation of a skilled defense attorney.