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Frito-Lay company opposes workers’ compensation claim

On Behalf of | Aug 3, 2021 | Workers' Compensation

If a worker suffers injury on the job in Alaska, he or she can typically file a claim for to collect benefits to help make ends meet during recovery. But things do not always go smoothly with a workers’ compensation claim. An injured worker in another state has apparently been fighting for four years against the Frito-Lay company, whom his wife says basically disregarded her husband’s dire needs after he suffered a severe electric shock at work.

Man’s wife says Frito-Lay treats employees like slaves

The wife is frustrated and angry with Frito-Lay, stating that her family has been devastated, especially financially, since her husband’s workplace accident. The worker reportedly suffered severe injuries after being electrocuted and has had to undergo multiple spinal surgeries. His wife says he will likely require additional surgeries in the future. She says Frito-Lay had her husband working 84 hours per week and that they turned their backs on him when he was in need of benefits because of his injuries.

Worker is a U.S. Navy veteran

The man went to work for Frito-Lay after serving in the U.S. Navy. His wife says not only have they exhausted all savings in order to have funds to pay medical bills and other expenses associated with her husband’s needs, but they have also had to drain their children’s college funds since Frito-Lay has rejected his workers’ compensation claim. The wife has started a beauty business and has also launched a GoFundMe page to help fund it, stating that it is the couple’s last hope to be able to provide for their family’s needs.

Support available when workers’ comp obstacles arise

There are eligibility requirements involved in filing a workers’ compensation claim in Alaska or any other state. The injured worker’s wife says her husband’s accident happened on the job; therefore, he should be entitled to collect workers’ comp benefits or disability pay. If a worker in this state experiences similar obstacles, he or she can ask an experienced workers’ comp attorney to review his or her case and recommend a best course of action to help resolve the issue.