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Family of grain company worker may collect workers’ compensation

On Behalf of | Dec 18, 2020 | Workers' Compensation

The death of a beloved family member is always a tragedy. When it happens unexpectedly, it not only causes the family considerable sadness, but can be financially devastating, both because of a loss of income, but also if there are any expenses related to the person’s passing. The recent death of a grain milling company worker may serve as such an example. This is where workers’ compensation can make all the difference if that death happened while an employee was at work.

Police report that the fatal accident happened on a recent morning. The milling company called the local sheriff’s office for assistance in locating an employee. The company knew the employee had last been spotted working in the area of the grain silo but was now nowhere to be found. Rescue crews responded and had to use drilling equipment to gain access to the bottom of the silo where the worker was last seen, which took several hours. That same evening, local media says that the rescue workers took a body from the site, presumed to be the missing worker.

The milling company confirmed this suspicion. In a public statement, the company said it would cooperate with the official investigation by law enforcement but could not give more details. The Occupational Health and Safety Administration will also likely investigate the matter, which is apparently not the first time it has looked into this company for possible safety violations. The company was fined almost $2 million three years ago after an explosion killed five workers.

The findings of OSHA’s investigation won’t change the fact that a person’s life was cut short. The family of the victim may not only have to deal with emotional trauma at the loss of their loved one, but they may be facing financial struggle. One thing that could help is filing for workers’ compensation benefits that many employees in Alaska are entitled to receive. Those who want to know more about this subject may want to contact an employment law attorney who can guide them through the process.