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Workers’ compensation can aid veterinary workers

On Behalf of | Jan 9, 2020 | Workers' Compensation

A love of animals leads some to consider a career working with animals, perhaps as a veterinarian or a veterinarian’s technician. Animals can be cute and cuddly but they can also be dangerous. An animal that is injured or ill may act aggressively in an unfamiliar setting. Anyone who is injured on the job may benefit from being familiar with worker’s compensation laws in Alaska.

A technician who works in a veterinarian’s office was recently injured by a small animal a customer brought in to be examined. The animal bit the technician while he was handling the animal. When the technician asked about the procedure for reporting and dealing with an injury, he was told to go see a doctor and have the bill sent to the vet’s office.

Any employee has a right to expect a reasonably safe work environment. In an environment where there are apparent risks, such as working for a veterinarian, there should be safety protocols and appropriate training available. A worker who is unfamiliar with safety protocols and available training should ask the employer for information in this area. Employers in Alaska, according to Alaska Division of Workers’ Compensation, are required to provide workers’ compensation insurance to all employees. This includes both full and part-time workers.

Anyone who has suffered an injury in a work-related incident in Alaska could benefit from seeking the advice of an attorney experienced in workers’ compensation law. A lawyer can review the facts of the case and advise the client as to what legal options may be available. Workers’ compensation is intended to provide compensation for medical costs as well as lost wages.