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What are the “fatal four” accident types in construction?

On Behalf of | Sep 23, 2019 | Workers' Compensation

As you know, you can get hurt on the job in any industry, but some industries are more dangerous than others. Construction ranks near the top of the list for hazardous jobs in Alaska and elsewhere. You may be interested to learn that some accident types are common in the construction field, accounting for more serious and fatal injuries than other mishaps.

The U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration reported 971 deaths in the construction industry across the country in 2017, making up 20.7% of all fatalities in the workforce. If you work in construction, you may have heard about the “fatal four.” These four accident types are the most common when it comes to catastrophic and deadly injuries in construction. They include the following:

  • Falls – 39.2% of construction fatalities in 2017
  • “Struck-by” accidents – 8.2% of construction deaths
  • Electrocutions – 7.3% of fatal construction accidents
  • “Caught-in/between” accidents – 5.1% of construction fatalities

About 631 U.S. construction workers’ lives would be spared every year if the “fatal four” were eliminated in the industry. How do I keep myself and my co-workers safe from serious accidents, you may wonder? You may start with observing known safety standards and using the appropriate equipment for your tasks. It can also help to stay up to date on the latest advances in safety procedures and implements for your industry. Your employer should offer continuing safety education for your field and ensure you have the proper equipment. Since workers’ compensation may be complex, this information should not replace the advice of a lawyer.