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Kalamarides & Lambert handles a broad range of legal issues for our clients

At Kalamarides & Lambert, we have a reputation for providing reliable, efficient, and affordable legal services. For any legal questions or concerns in Anchorage, AK, you can trust our law team to work its hardest to provide quality support and service in every situation. 

Mission Statement

Kalamarides & Lambert is devoted to providing the highest quality legal representation for individuals affected by illegal conduct, those who are injured in the workplace, and those who suffer a personal injury throughout the state of Alaska. The following principles are intended to guide our practice and provide our clients with an understanding of the values that drive our focus on expertise, commitment, and results. Our primary goal in representing our clients is to assist them in every way possible to best proceed through their individual legal circumstances and personal needs.
The merits of the case and our experience with relevant practice areas are the primary focus during initial consultations. Our clients know that their cases will be thoroughly considered by an expert advocate who possesses decades of experience handling the issues that may arise in the legal process.

Our representation will involve identifying the legal issues, an exhaustive investigation of the facts, an assessment of the relative strengths of the case, and a compassionate and discrete attitude to make you comfortable.
The law firm of Kalamarides & Lambert distinguishes itself from other firms by the quality of its work. Attorneys and paralegals with Kalamarides & Lambert offer excellent legal analysis, legal writing, communication, and trial skills as both prosecution and defense.

The law firm of Kalamarides & Lambert takes care to work with clients as partners in their own advocacy and decision-making. Our clients work closely with us to identify and develop all facts necessary to assist in the representation of the case. The key to this approach is open and active communication with our clients. Our clients will promptly be informed of all developments in their case at all times, and always consulted on the issues. At every stage, we're devoted to fully explaining developments in the case and answering all questions.

The law firm of Kalamarides & Lambert never loses sight of the reason we serve our community — to help our clients make wise decisions and move into the future with confidence. While we strive to offer clear advice and explanation, all of our clients know that they make every decision for themselves based on their individual needs and desired outcomes. 
Broad range of legal issues handled in Anchorage, AK
All of our employees truly enjoy serving our community, getting to know each other personally as well as professionally, and treating everyone who walks through our doors with respect and compassion. 

The ability to find fulfillment in our work makes us a team more committed than any other. 

This perspective extends to our relationships with opposing counsel, co-counsel, and, most importantly, our clients. We will always promote professionalism in action and attitude so we conclude every representation with strong and positive relationship with all parties and counsel involved. 

Our goal is to become a trusted friend and advisor to our clients, as well as a vigorous advocate.
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